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Why should someone you’ve never met decide what you can watch on  TV  and when you can watch it? True, there’ …

blogJanuary 11, 20200

The Streaming Revolution By Lucas Shaw AAPL APPLE INC 309.63USD+6.44+2.12% NFLX NETFLIX INC 335.66USD-3.60-1.06% Get on a train or airplane these days and you’re likely to be surrounded by people watching videos or listening to music on their phones, tapping into vast digital libraries on the internet. It’s a sight we already take for granted, but the streaming revolution that’s made it possible is only just beginning. For consumers, the technologies that allow media to unspool in a steady, continuous flow of data over high-speed connections have provided a leap in convenience and choices. For traditional distributors of entertainment, though, it’s a challenge. The Situation Streaming is rapidly changing how media is bought, how it’s consumed, who profits from it and even how much is made. Thanks in part to streaming, the […]

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What the Streaming Wars Mean for the Future of TV By Lucas Shaw If all goes as planned, by mid-2020 four of the most valuable companies on the S&P 500 will have introduced streaming services in less than a year. They’re spending billions of dollars to fund hundreds of new movies and TV shows to compete with established players Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in what’s become known as the Streaming Wars. After years of trying to keep customers from canceling their cable packages, big media companies are embracing the internet and facilitating the transition of customers from pay TV to their own streaming services. We may not know how they fare for a few years, but in the meantime we’ll have no shortage of TV to watch. 1. What are the new streaming services? Walt Disney Co., the world’s largest entertainment company, and Apple […]

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